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Anastasia Zimikhina is a multi-disciplinary artist.

Her artistic journey began in Russia.

At the age of eight she enrolls at the School of Fine Arts and begins studying drawing and painting professionally.

At 11, she is awarded the Grand Prix and a grant from the government for a series of her paintings at the municipal competition for the gifted children.


While perfecting drawing and academic painting in workshops of Russian artists, she is accepted to one of the greatest schools of art in Russia, "the Academy of Art and Industry Stiglitz in St Petersburg" (old Mukhin). From which she graduates with honors and congratulations from the jury.


Anastasia Zimikhina is a winner of several international design and art competitions, including the St. Petersburg art competition "Saint-Petersburg of the Muses", where she received the Grand Prix for her paintings; and the renowned international fashion contest "Russian Silhouette" where she receives not one but two awards for a fashion line and a graphic work.  She participates in “Baltic Breeze” and many other contests.

The first time she arrives to Paris in 2004 by an invitation from a legendary Russian artist, poet and director Alexei Khvostenko. Khvostenko asked Anastasia Zimikhina to create costumes for one of his theater production. The task included a training on techniques and execution of historical costumes. One year later, she is invited by the Museum of Fashion and Textiles in Paris to work on the Balenciaga exposition. Shortly after that, in 2006, Anastasia decides to settle in Paris and enters the clothing design department at the National Superior School of Decorative Arts in Paris. During her studies, she participates in numerous exhibitions and projects, including two for the Quai Branly Museum and the La Piscine de Roubaix. Her teachers are Anne Ferrer, Gaspard Yurkievich, Gilles Rosier and Gustavo Lins, with whom she did her internship.

Her graduation project is a clothing line called "Frisson" accompanied by a homonymous perfume created by a great perfumer Veronique Nyberg. Her collection was warmly welcomed by the president of the jury Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. It was exhibited in the windows of the Royal Palace and the Gallery of Valoi.

Today Anastasia is working on her fashion accessory brand "Irene Paris", created in 2015, while continuing to draw, paint and illustrate.


“The Irene Paris project embodies for me a beautiful mix between two different cultures. It is a synonym and a symbol of a creative expression that unites beauty and personality . Creating these original pieces allows me to integrate my passion for painting in the pieces that are more than just elegant and colorful fashion accessories, they are more mysterious and revealing.”

Interview by Vincent Zonca ,"Boum!Bang!" magazine 

Interview par Melanie Kruger ,"Luxury LIFESTYLE"  magazine

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